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FS: Freak parts, WWA tip, barrel adapters

All of these are in good used condition. Pics first, details below:





Inserts: two styles, one with bore size lazered near the end, the other with the size closer to the middle. Maybe this is the difference between freak and freak jr. kits? $10.00 each, less each when more than are purchased
sizes on the end:
.689 X 2
sizes near the middle:
Backs: two styles, both Spyder threads, both gloss black, one has a freak jewel on each side, the other SOLD has freak milled through on one side.$15.00 each

Front: SOLD dust black, spiral porting. Much appreciated if someone can remind me what this style is called. $20.00 SOLD

WWA tip, SOLD gloss black, four lines of straight porting. $20.00 SOLD

Adapters: $10.00 each
Spyder threads to Tippmann A-5 marker, made by Empire. Never used, have 2, one still in package.
Spyder threads to Tippmann 98 marker, unknown brand.
Freak case: has both windows, one has sticker residue, some signs of wear, perfectly functional $10.00

Shipping is additional, just exact cost.

Pricing is flexible, especially if someone wants everything together.

Thanks for looking.

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