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Originally Posted by NoX13 View Post
No one knows the time line of how long anything took or was going on.. we dont know if he was in a coma for days,weeks or months..

but given the the deterioration of everything around them and the decomp of bodies it would be safe to think its been a fair amount of time.. you gotta imagine just the break they take between seasons is meant to represent what,almost six months?

food and weapons disappear due to scavengers,ricks group was doing it,govs group was doing it ect.. when a group a scavengers come across any amount of food or weapons be it a small stash or a huge stock pile theyre not going to leave anything behind (intentionally), theyre going to take as much as they possibly can and if needed come back for what they couldnt get the first run..

look at the stockpile Morgan had...
In real life, he would have been dead within 4 days without someone replacing his IV bag and providing fluids.
In real life, that is.
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