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Originally Posted by LettuceHead View Post
I don't game as much as I used to. Have played D&D since 1986, all editions up to 3.5 as a DM and player. I gamed in one continuous D&D storyline for 11 years as a player and DM'd a short campaign that wrapped up last month. Joining a Call of Cthulhu game that's starting up next month. I also played various Palladium TMNT/ After The Bomb, Paranoia, Toon, HERO System and a few others.

As for tabletop, I'm getting the itch for BattleTech again. Going to play some Flames of War WW2 miniatures if I ever get off my *** and finish painting them (British Airlanding and a generic German non-motorized infantry with StuG support companies). Did a bunch of 2nd Ed. D&D BattleSystem back in the day.

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Oh man I forgot about the palladium tmnt stuff. that was an awesome book. Love your ink man, i've been planning on some dnd ink for a long time, just havent ended up getting it yet.
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