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since for me techning usually involves machining so I don't have a lot of extra space for snacks, and no operating machinery while drinking. even my "little" lathe can rip your arm off without even slowing down.

little story that taught me respect for the power of this lathe. when I first got it and I was still learning the ropes I was machining a 1" dia aluminum bar with about 18" sticking out the back of the head. I wanted to change gears to speed it up I accidently set it at 2000 rpm not 175 (put it in high gear) When I turned it on that thing started going and it only took a second before the bar was bent about 45 deg out the back of the head. and the whole lathe was starting to shake. I slammed the E-Stop and it took about an hour to calm back down enough to get back on it and finish what I was working on.
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