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Originally Posted by LettuceHead View Post

As for tabletop, I'm getting the itch for BattleTech again. Going to play some Flames of War WW2 miniatures if I ever get off my *** and finish painting them (British Airlanding and a generic German non-motorized infantry with StuG support companies). Did a bunch of 2nd Ed. D&D BattleSystem back in the day.
You should try out MWTactics....not a bad play...currently in beta but worth to play sort of setup.

Still very avit fan of BT up until Wizkids destroyed it.... BTW FASA is back in business

My games of choice were AD&D, Palladium, Cyberpunk.

For the mention of Morrow Project....great great of the better post nuke games. Had a great time with that one as well.
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