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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
You should try out MWTactics....not a bad play...currently in beta but worth to play sort of setup.

Still very avit fan of BT up until Wizkids destroyed it.... BTW FASA is back in business

My games of choice were AD&D, Palladium, Cyberpunk.

For the mention of Morrow Project....great great of the better post nuke games. Had a great time with that one as well.
Im going to have to check out MWtactics. I've always been a huge battletech/MW fan. We used to play tons of MW2&MW4 at lans. And I rabidly hunted down locations to play in the mech corps pods. I saw they came to the last mech wars scenario game. Pretty awesome. Still have a big binder full of the tcg. But i was the only one who played it in my town when it came out.
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