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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
What shocked you about the design?
I think the coolest thing about the design is what it does with the air source when firing. Dye's patent included the air source being 100% cut off during firing. So Blast only cut off 80% of the air and re-routed the other 20% to forcing the bolt back. This means the bolt only stayed forward for a very shot time before being forced back and ready for another cycle. That's also what makes the gun soooo efficient. The bolt goes back so fast that it traps extra air left in the dump chamber after the ball is already down the barrel, saving it for the next shot. However, I don't know if Dyes patent is still valid. Some say they didn't renew it, but I also heard that people from Dye talked to Bob Long at PBE about the possible patent issue the Insight might have with them.
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