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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
18. Swamp Rats - This team was based out of Wolfs Lair (EMR). I played with them once or twice, probably still have a t-shirt. A couple of their members are on here, Heavy68 and Wraith 68. A few of them went on to form the Freaks of Nature, which still plays in EMR events.
Cool, now I need to find a Waffen Elite patch to go with it... seriously, that is good stuff. I love EMR, and knew nothing of the Swamp Rats. This is the the kind of information I was hoping to find.

Originally Posted by DamoNAN View Post
#6 was a part of a 3 part series that was held at 3 different fields. The first patch was from a field in Baltimore, the second was from a field in Va and the third is the one pictured. When all three are put together it forms the shape of a stop sign. I had all 3 but my patch jacket was stolen from me in Daytona Beach from a former roommate. The Air Assault Patch (#11) was from the same game, they had helicopter rides that would drop you behind enemy lines and if you added that to your package, you got that patch as well.

The IPPA patch came in a membership package.

The PCRI patch was an art contest that I won and had my original art posted on the front cover of their magazine, never knew they made it into a patch.
Thank you! This is the gold I was digging for. PCRI--is that the Paint Check tournament patch (what's the "RI" stand for?)?

Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
I think PaintCheck also had a tournament.
It might've been a five man tournament? Maybe at Skirmish?

Originally Posted by p-bpat View Post
We seriously need to bring the patches back. I wish that new markers came with company specific patches.
You and me both. Even in my previous heyday, around 02-04, most major events I attended still gave out patches with the registration packet. 'Course I can't find my own collection.
Originally Posted by Slim View Post
Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.

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