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Well to anyone paying attention to this thread here are some pictures of the first run of my home-made Weather/paintball shield for my DSLR

I will post some proper pics asap - took these quick with my phone

Here is a top view of the cover - the hole is a lens-hole with elastic-drawstring cinch ability. lets the lens fit nice then apply the hood after to prevent pull through

The inside is a soft grey-flannel where as the outside is Black Trexx Vinyl (water resistant) - Stiched half way then Velcro to allow more usable space for varied conditions

Here it is applied to my Sigma 70-300 with lens hood on - monopod attached

Here is a back view with the velcro opened up and top flipped up to allow for viewfinder usage - This is more for paintball and not super wet conditions - or when viewfinder is wanted over live-view. you get the idea

And here it is with the Velcro closed up - Still allowing for monopod/tripod use with shield closed. Also made it big and square to allow for hand-space in the shield - you can operate zoom/focus/switches while hands are within the shield.
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