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Originally Posted by slyman920 View Post
also so when you say its worth what some is willing to pay. that means the next time you post a sale we will say it is a karnivor and every one offers you 20 dollars thats what its worth then. even know you are asking a fair price we will say 120 obo. but in retrospective you paid full price of 1000 brand new. you look around and realize 2/3 of thoose people are also selling karnys for 600 dollars. so yes my piont was that people need to ask a fair price and expect a fair price in return. not $5 off what they paid for it 5-10 years or how ever long it has been.
I think I see your point that people shouldn't ask for a ridiculous price on stuff but I don't see the point in ranting about it. It happens, and the market corrects it. If someone asks a high price for something, nobody buys it unless they lower the price, problem solved. No need to get all worked up about it.

If you see a price you don't like don't buy it, it's that simple. There is no X(original value) - Y(degradation/age) = Z(resale value) formula for paintball markers that EVERY single marker will fit into. No need to rant about it or send a strongly worded email to a seller about what the "real" value of their marker is.

Your argument is akin to saying all car dealerships need to do a better job of pricing their cars and the whole car resale system is flawed after you see one dealer selling a used Pontiac Fiero with 180K miles for $20K.
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