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Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
Will do! Though Deathwish_DW above is on the list, no matter what Tony says.

Originally Posted by Instien'spaintball View Post

Can't wait till next week to see the Milling!

Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
Tony said he was a bit back logged, but would stay late to work on it.

Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
Ty - hit me up before that, maybe I can come out. I'd love to see this gun before I do something stupid and buy something else
I have no idea what you are currently considering, but based upon the individuals involved and the design of the marker, if you are in the market for a "high end", I would advise you to let this play out unless you get an excellent deal.

And I hope you are not considering the marker MY customers did. I will no longer be carrying the specific manufacture's product for their abhorrent customer service and business ethics (or lack there of).
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