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E1 Orracle, Ion, Halos, POPS, Flex Stuff, PE Elbow Pads, Knee Pads

Prices are pretty firm as I'm including shipping with every item.

E1 Orracle - Traded

Great shooting marker. See the video. The ano I'd say is around a 6-7 out of 10. Nothing major, but there are some wear marks all around on it. It's a piece thats been used, not hung on a wall. It could really do for a clamping feedneck, as the anno on the inside of the neck is a bit worn from people trying to jam a loader in there. It seems to shoot fine, no leaks or noticeable problems. Eyes function great. But, it is a Cocker, so be prepared for any problems.

Redz Ion - $90 shipped
Good little shooter, no complaints.

Halos: SOLD
Would like to sell all this together, but if you want individual prices - 30 for the red one, 25 for the black one, 20 for the TSA.

Proto Knee Pads - Sold
Size XL. These were played in once.

PE Elbow Pads - $25 shipped
Size XL. There is a small hole in one of them. See the second picture. Great arm pads.

PE POPS asa - $55 Shipped

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