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well I have been working on making a couple of these things I kinda got hung up on the guide rod (last half of the first video) doing it manually is just no good it just takes too long. so I have been working on making a fixture similar to the last video but this time for the guide rod. I am still waiting for a tool and have been working on some prototypes to get the threads just right. I think I got it down so I am ready to run when the last tool comes in. I will still have to put the grooves in manually and also the notch out the air ways but thats easy. then back into the mill one more time for a cross drilled hole. then I ought to be ready to solder in the nub.

lets see then I need to make poppet pistons that is pretty small and easy to make 80% can be done in 1 lathe setup then the radial holes need put in via mill most likely in another fixture similar to these other ones.

next part will be to make the front blocks 1 setup in the mill flip it over face to thickness then finally back side finishing. I already have fixtures made for this part so at least I dont have to make one

last part would be to make the alignment rods I knocked these out already minus the threading.

phew when you write it all down it sounds like a lot but I would say all that will be about another month of work.
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