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I got sick of the standard hopper misfeeding and didn't want to try and source a new spring to attempt to fix it, so I did this;

I cut down and radiused a 98 custom cyclone adapter plate;

Drilled out a cyclone cup for 10-32, lined up to coincide with the 1/4-20 clearance holes on the body.

This is the biggest problem Ive found so far;

On an A5, the cyclone cup sits right up on the breech, so that the cyclone paddles hold the paint in the breech and prevents it from partially rolling back into the cup.

On the 98, the cyclone is mounted "up stream" of the breech, so gravity rolls the ball into the breech after it leaves the cup.

On my ghetto mounted F/A, the cyclone is offset from the breech by the thickness of the adapter, and is NOT uphill of the breech. So if I hold the F/A slightly sideways and a ball rolls back into the cup, I'm almost positive Ill chop a ball.
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