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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
Forgive the cell phone pics, I just wanted to show the wife what I was doing working on the "mudroom".
Splat Attack Revenge prototype PMI custom
Brass Eagle SB modded to direct feed KP3
Palmers Super Stocker Typhoon (I guess technically a Stroker)
Soul Drinker 05 Ego PG
Spanky Fishbone Big Daddy Cocker
Tippman ProAm lite MicroMag

And just a couple of the Nerf guns that we keep around.

I know that I am missing a pair of Angel LED's, Soul Drinker 03 Viking, 3 Bob Long Millenniums, Tippmann 68 Special converted from a SMG, Smart Parts Shoebox Shocker (Needs some work), Wifes Palmers Blazer (Not sure if it will go on the wall), stepdaughters electro Bob Long Millennium, a Palmers Squall, Joker Ego8, Geo+ (Basically), and two Thumpers. I think that is all of them...?

What tank is that on the kp3 ? Thanks
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