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The rings dont help for squat, besides not letting 2 or more roll out at once. Any tips? I would love a freak bore done on the barrel, but I have one issue with that... I dont want my anno trashed. So I was thinking about the old method of a dot of nail polish in the barrel. I guess I could buy another barrel that is a freak barrel, but it would make my baby look ugly for not being the same anno. Yes I am that picky.

I have a video of me playing after I cock the marker the ball rolls out. I wouldnt mind shooting more then 2 feet in front of me. Help!
I'm with you here. I used three evenly spaced dabs of polish to solve my problem temporally. I have never understood how a detent in the body helps with roll outs once the ball is in the barrel. I am still not sure what I am going to do long term. I was thinking a cocker threaded body would be ideal, that way I could use the barrels I already have and like.
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If you can't be bothered to pick up your 12 grams, you don't deserve to be playing on a field. You have pockets. Use them.
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Chad Thompson is Paintball!
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