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Originally Posted by magnificent7 View Post
I too have read Shogun-about 9 years ago. The book is excellent & I went out & bought the mini-series on DVD after reading it.

If you haven't noticed it already... at the beginning of the book, the author shows when lots of the characters are speaking Japanese by actually writing out their dialogue in Japanese & then gives you the translation in the next sentence or paragraph.

Well towards the end of the book sometimes he stops giving translations for when the Japanese characters are talking short sentences. I guess he figured the reader would be able to pick up enough Japanese throughout the story by that part to understand (I guess I'm a little slow). So I actually had to make a crib sheet with lots of basic translations just so I knew what the hell the characters were actually saying.

But still a great book!
Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to keep from skipping the Japanese and only reading the translations.
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