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I'd check the reg and relube it, just in case. I can't think of anything else that might cause a drop like that other than the reg. Of course, I'm not very versed on such things. It would seem to me that all the other parts associated with moving the air are in sync, so a bad timing situation would cause low velocity consistently. What about the fifth or sixth consecutive shot? Do they drop even lower? If you stop shooting for a moment and begin shooting again, is the first couple shots again at full velocity?
Basically, I shoot 2-3 shots and its in the 270 region, sometimes 280, but the 4-5th shot drops, if I stall a second it goes back up. I just got the reg, brand new, yesterday so I am still in the sweet spot process. I should have more time this weekend to mess with it. Not knowing what the reg is set at is my main issue. I have a starting point of 280 psi according to the original owner, but I am awaiting an inline regulator tester for this purpose.
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