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Machine Vapor V1 with V3 upgrades

Rules, read them, love them , live them.

No dibs, Pm's will be answered in the order I get them. I will give first come first serve in order of Pm received, please post too.
You pay, I ship.
Canada will pay actual shipping charges, I will do my best to get the cheapest rates.
No feedback, no problem. I only accept PayPal

Okay so here is the deal, once again I bought an electro. Needless to say in the midst of my delirium I went hog wild. I have yet to actually take it to a field (mostly because I only play pump). So here are the specs have what I am offering:
Machine Vapor, 9/9 condition, does have some signs of use (smudges and such). the gun comes with all the original V1 parts as well as the V3 parts being installed. Original barrel kit not included, instead I am including the pictured Freak barrel.
Oring Monkey complete oring set. Brand new I haven't had a reason to do a tear down since the orings in the gun are new.
Ninja 68/4500 (new) with Pro regulator set for the perfect pressure (SLP don't do well with these guns for some reason)
Dye Rotor, brand spank your butt new, with speedfeed.

Now the candi (stripper name not the food).......

Head spinning want to know the price???? Here it is,
$1300 for everything you see here (the whole enchilada) Shipped CONUS
$950 for the gun with Freak Barrel, and oring kit
$160 for the Rotor
$150 for the tank (and I still have the SLP that came with it and I will through that in too if you want it)

Give it a shot, I will consider:
High end Automags
CCM pumps, CCM means that is the way it was born not created by your special hands
Indulge me you never know.
Unless the trade is really awe inspiring it will have to have some cash added too.
Thanks for looking.
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