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Originally Posted by shadow_772 View Post
So you have to save everything in a browser.
Basically, it's all online - {futuristic voice}IN THE CLLLOOOUUUDDDD!!!{/voice}. So like for pictures - you use Flickr or Picasa or Microsoft's SkyDrive or Google Drive or one of the other cloud based storage solutions instead of saving it on a harddrive. Instead of having Microsoft's Office installed, you use Google Drive (used to be Google Docs) or Office 365, as they have spreadsheets, slide presentation, and word processing, all online. The benefit to all of this is that you have very little software cost, and the hardware for Chromebooks is inexpensive (not the Pixel, it's like the Ferrari of Chromebooks). If my elderly mother's computer dies, I'm replacing it with a Chromebook.
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