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Custom Azodin Kaos Pump

Hey guys,
I'm embarking on my first major build, A customized AKP. I don't have a lot of money but I do have access to a machine shop, laser engraver, 3-d printer, and various other doodads. Really, this is a summer project to gain some experience. I hope to accomplish 3 things.

Faux Half Block
I want to cut all the unnecessary meat of the top tube of the KP. I do not want to have to make a custom bolt. How far can I go? Ideally, it will look like JCurts and Xlubens work.

Custom Pump Handle
Making a hitman mod compatible manly sized pump handle. Is this as easy as popping a piece of drelin on a lathe? Depending on how long it take I might make a very limited run of these.

Sweet Laser Engraving
Looking for designs, I love Nordic knot work and really anything viking-ish. How do I keep the line thickness constant over all the little bumps in the milling of the AKP? How hard is it to take a design is something like photoshop and make it compatible with the Laser?

Bonus: Cram and jam feed
I could make one with little effort, but how should I mount it to the ion threaded body? I would like to be able to change between Stick feed and hopper.

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