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The Spyder-Pistol!

I give you my pet-project, a 1-handed 'Spyder Pistol'

I bought an unworking spyder off of a friend, took another unworking spyder classic I've had for 17 years, and cannibalized them both to make this beauty!

She runs off 12g and 10rnd tubes.

My first few games this weekend I dual-wielded my Spyder-Pistol and my TiPX.

It worked out well!

With these two pistols, I was hella light, fast, and maneuverable... didn't realize how much a rifle weighed me down completely!

At first I was going to get a forward ASA for the 12g, but after play, I found if I needed a really accurate shot, I could holster my TPX quickly and use the 12g on the Spyder-Pistol as a fore-grip... with benefits beyond the 'pistol stance' in accuracy (I've used TPX pistol alone as well for comparison)

And the real kicker...

THE SPYDER-PISTOL is somehow MORE EFFICIENT on gas than the TiPX w/lighter Techt bolt!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My TPX gets 2-3 clips per 12g (7rnds per clip + 1 in chamber = 22 shots) AND I usually change after 2 clips (15 rounds) as those last few shots on the 3rd clip are really low fps.

My Spyder-Pistol gets 25 shots before 'sputtering', AND THEN another 4-5 shots (manually cocking then sputtering) before FPS drops too low to use!!

I heard the TPX runs at 350 psi or something, the Spyder-Pistol runs at a stock 850 psi!

I don't understand how, why, or why-how, but I'm not complaining!

I recently bought a tiny 50rnd hopper to play with as well... giving me 2x12g without reloading ammo 5 times! Haven't tried it yet, but that will make dual-wielding a lot more fun as I found the real hassle was changing 2 different gun's clips/mags after every 17 shots...
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