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"This will be my 5th Oklahoma D-Day and my third with
the CEF. My first 2 were with the 1st ID and had a blast.
Nothing can compare to the Omaha landing and had to
try it out for myself. Before i got to attached I wanted to
try out other units before I made my choice on who to
stay with.

I check out all of the allies recruiting threads and the
Commonwealth stood out. So i decided to try them out.
It was the best decision of my paintball life. The CEF has
to be one of the most tight-nit units around. Everyone was
like a brother or sister helping out each other and just
have some good old fun. Me being a new guy, I quickly
fit right in with the rest and felt like I was apart of
something greater.

I hope anyone new or veterans that are looking for a
unit or want to experience a whole new side of D-Day
look no further!"

Join up Now!

Allied Forces-CEF-Royal Winnipeg Rifles
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