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Originally Posted by nolarrow View Post
I'm interested in getting a few barrels done:

1. Shocker Threaded All-American Barrel. Aluminum

2. Dye Boomstick. Old two piece glued together, no threading. Stainless back. Cocker threaded.

3. Dye UL Back - aluminum. Cocker threaded.

All 3 barrels are .688

Questions: After the barrel is bored out can you fit a larger insert than the previous bore size? So if the bore was a .688 can you now fit a .690? With an UL there is still plenty of metal around the standard bore size, maybe the boring opens the barrel up a bit to fit larger freak inserts or no?
1 no problem

2 I can do it but I have found quite a few of these are not actually straight at the glue joint. if it is out of spec I just cant do it I have tried lots of times to straighten these but have never gotten it 100% , 99.8% but not 100%

3 no problem

No the remainder of the bore will be what the barrel was originally so if its 688 I would recommend always using a smaller bore size than that.
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