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playing in the snow...a few unanswered questions

So, paintball season has started up again in northern Minnesota. The issue is, there's still a foot-foot and a half of snow on the ground. Living in an area like this, I'm used to dealing with markers and clothing in the cold, but record snowfall has left us with a foot and a half of fresh, fluffy snow (we just got 6 more inches today).

Even when I consciously keep my marker, more specifically my barrel, out of the snow, I end up with snow and/or water everywhere-breech, barrel, hopper, etc. Every time I move, even without sliding, my barrel, inside and out, becomes coated with snow and water, making my shots hook like mad. I can usually fix it with a handful of clearing shots, or a quick swab, but there has to be a better way! Those first few seconds of surprise after a move are always the most crucial, and I've been loosing out, any help?
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