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08 Alien Independence & Shocker NXT 2-4-1 trade only

Well here are my 2 most high end guns I own, I love both for their own reasons and have no problems keeping them both but wouldn't mind something newer. As of right now neither gun has a bolt since I sent both off to pooty to be modded, NXT to be spring loaded and the Indy to be given orings and material removed.

-Mainly want to trade these for another Alien, Indy 09 and up or invasion, but will consider other nice gats as well (never owned anything Macdev )
-First up the NXT, it has a hatred board in it, virtue grips lol, empire on/off, all American back/freak front and printed off manual. The feedneck, barrel back, vasa/reg have all been bead blasted according to the guy I got it from I think it looks sweet like a raw pewter look.

-Up next is the 08 Indy, I personally find this marker to be super sexy, it's really light and feels good in the hands, it shoots pretty consistant and is a lot quieter than the etek 2 I had, but because alien didn't start to put orings on bolts till 09 it has a lot of blowback that would occasionally break balls in the ball stack. So hopefully the pooty mod will fix that. It has a slight leak from the hose that isn't really noticeable unless the bolt is pulled out and your indoors, a new piece of hose would probably fix it but I've already spent enough on new detents and a board so I doesn't really feel like buying a new hose.
Has a 3 piece barrel kit, CF tip, for some reason 2 .689 backs and .692 back, original box and printed off manual and a opitonal 86 trigger frame.

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