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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
sounds like fun

faux halfblock

you can go as far forward as the back side of the vert air hole (where the air comes up from the lowertube) if there is an oring on the bolt, i wouldnt go past it...

custom pump handle, delrin works great for handles, metal would be better for the hitman, too much torque on delrin threads and it could break/pull out

cram and jam
sanchez makes a 12rd feedtube that drops directly into the existing feedneck, if you want it to screw into the ion feedneck threading.... its alot more work
Thanks! I'mma start drawing up some designs for the Faux half block, I will post them when i'm done for your input. There is no Oring in my bolt, I have the 2011 ans model, the one with gold accents and a single trigger, I think i'll just make a normal pump handle, after all I have the stock hitman mod. The way the pump works, like a black magic cocker, the sled is held in a slot, would cutting the slot effect anything? should I just cut around it? Thanks
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