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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
if you cut the slot, your sled might twist, which would create drag

but, if you do a new sled that is a little wider, sits a little tighter, you would eliminate that problem

no oring, so go as far forward as you want, just don't go past the vert air hole
I'm amazed at how far forward the air hole is, no wonder Jcurts stuff looks so small. So, I've settled with leaving the slot in and making my cut/cuts about an inch and change into the body a little bit in front of where the bolt pin protrudes.

Laser engraving designs.
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Sorry about the Art Binge, Please give me input on the Laser job
I would like to do the art myself, you know, for teh lulz.
If anybody wants me to do any sort of art for them, just PM me. I can assure you it will be quite cheap as I enjoy it and need to build my portfolio.
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