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Work pending with Alpha434

After stopping by Alpha434's place this weekend, I figured I'd start a thread to help people get their gear back. He had quite a pile of stuff on his workbench and no idea how to contact people without being on the MCB system. He won't be coming back and is getting out of airsmithing; this is not a thread for new work or new orders. I'm not trying to make him any money or make any money for myself; I just want people to get their gear back.

So, if you have work pending with Alpha434, please contact me with any associated info. ( Pm's, paypal invoice, etc) I'll do all I can to get your stuff back. Please remember that I am currently under employed and not making the $ I used to; it is apprx. a 180 mile trip to visit Alpha and come back home for me. I just can't do it multiple times a week. Please be prepared to cover shipping to yourself as well. I got love for yall, just no extra $ right now.
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