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Assaulting the Castle is always a challenge, especially with the new format. The last time at Tippmann 2012 I somehow foolishly ran up, following my sigged motto and actually got there in that s/w corner, then room to room cleared from that west side until I got to the n/w corner and traded it with the spools there, who was also as surprised as me, which resulted in a hasty ambush.

As I walked out, I told the people in the spool wall at the s/w corner it was clear and to go for it. When I re-inserted, guess which people were still hunkered down?

I angrily walked past, got right back to the corner, and we ran a stack inside, me being first and the rest getting chewed apart. Hiding under the walkway on the east side, taking out people on the west all the while the upper level on the east firing up the door was one of the most adrenaline filled time in there, except for Highlands at DOTR a few times. And it seems to happen like that, several times a weekend, every year.

Fun every time.
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