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2 PT Extreme Project Pistols $50 Shipped

Okay, as they stand, neither one of these work. As best I can tell they need pierce seals to start with and then may need o-rings or cupseals, but these are all easy fixes. I just don't have pierce seals in my possession (TPX pierce seals will work, Cocker cocking rod bumpers may also work nicely), and having two of them shipped to me just to sell these off is counter-productive. I do have 2 Black Magic cupseals I'd be willing to let go of ONLY with the sale of these guns for an extra $10.

The first pistol (on the right) is complete as far as parts go. The front pin sight is broken and there are some scratches but other than that it's in pretty good shape.

The second pistol is missing a retainer pin for the feed, the adjuster knob for the RVA, and the rear plug for the feed. The lever changer on this one is also a bit sticky but it does work. Use it for spares, make/track down the parts to make it work, whatever you like.

BOTH of these will come shipped to CONUS for $50. Shipping to Canada will be approximately $45 extra. Don't blame me, blame USPS.

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