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Regardless of personal opinions on the matter, this is an "industry" in dire need of oversight and a regulatory overhaul. It is more accurate to say that bounty hunters operate "outside" the law than within it. Police are highly trained professionals who must have very specific propbable cause, or in most cases a warrant issued by a court to be kicking in someone's door or jumping them on the street. In many states, a bounty hunter is just a person someone hired to grab another person, there is no regualtion at all. That act of two business persons engaging in a contract magically exempts one of the parties from most firearms, assault, kidnapping and home invasion laws accross much of the nation apparantly. Say, "I am a bounty hunter", and guess wht you are one and if a bail bondsman hires you to catch a bail jumper and voila, you now have more power than a police officer to go on a justice rampage. That is INSANE.

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