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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
I like, I like. I feel like the AKP already has some pretty good lines in the milling and a cut like that would compliment them well. See that line that runs from the back of the feed neck to the lower tube? I think I could cut similarly to that except from just in fount of the bolt pin to the lower tube. I saw a custom cocker with real interesting organic looking asymmetrical milling. As a esteemed air smith, what is your take on this. maybe i'll mill one side more that the other... I also love the fast and light look.
i prefer symmetrical, UNLESS its a full blown 2face (1 side is a blank slab, 1 is intense milling)

but thats just my opinion

as for the orry i posted..... i thought that kind of milling would look cool on a kp, thats why i posted it
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