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Originally Posted by digitard View Post
#1. Awesome reference to TRIBES. I built my first PC to play TRIBES back in the day (dialup # hopping for best ping, etc). I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing and admining the DMM (and then HF HomelanFed) servers.

Okay... back on track.


You can change every single option on your screen except the fire button?
-- HUD (while in-game)

Then just slide it around to your liking. Every score box, slider, grenade, etc, button can be moved. The exception being the fire location/corner.

On the iPhone I move it slightly left (towards the center) and on my iPad I move it above the fire slider.

Wow I really thought the a tribes reference would go unnoticed. Honestly when I booted up and played online it immediately reminded me of Tribes. I just found the HUD, this is very well thought out.

I hope you MCB'er follow my lead and use your Name@MCB so we recognize eachother.


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