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Mech. Pump arm help

Ok, first off I would like to thank whoever would take the time to help a (tinkerer) in need.

I appreciate the work that custom shops do, and im newbie when it comes to DIY.

so if you need to lighten up your day, this is what I did.

Im trying to to make a shortened pump arm for a half block bought the marker that was already half blocked but was used as pump now Im turning it into a mech since I already own multiple pump markers.

Mind you have no real shop experience, and I thought I could get by with a tiny hobby table vice and vice grips (notice the marks). And a die/tap set I picked up at Harbor frieght.

I guess what happened was that I lost the bite on the die and it wont cut the end of the rod for proper threading.

Yes im using a 10/32.

Im really open to criticisms tips and over all help. Or does any one have one for sale?

Thanks for looking.

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