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So i currently have this mask and helmet system. Comes with Eye tactical mask, eye tactical helmet, ACU helmet cover (used once), m88 woodland cover(used once), Brand new multicam cover(never used).

used 4 times if i remember and its only been shot like...4 times.

lens: the lens is scratch and anti fog treated, thought it scratch proof, the layer is comming off slowly. the lens can take in 12 gauge pellets apparently, either way, you can check that on youtube. anti fog seems to be working well so far

the frame of the mask seems to be a v force with modded upper so it should be able to take v force lenses. Most of the parts on the mask is marked with Eye tactical Canada.

. the whole thing has been cleaned every time its been used. the cover are also washed even if they were not hit.

the multicam cover hasn't been used.
retails for 150 on rap 4's site.

will post pics soon because I can't upload at the moment

il prefer local for now(canada, ontario) but if the guys in the states want it, thel have to wait a bit.
asking for 60 OBO
got a better offer, shoot it at me.
this i the first time im selling so it might take some time to ship, still need to learn how it works...
and as always... have a nice day
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