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Originally Posted by pillage View Post
My point in bringing up the lawyer thing, was a layman arguing legal points with one who is considered a professional. Any lawyer should have had at least a bare minimum of legal education on what is or is not legal, before he is admitted to the Bar, even if he is kind of out there politically. It doesn't mean they are necessarily right in all their arguments, but it does mean they have some background on their positions, and possibly have the resources on hand to back said position.

On the original subject, I can see how the TV bounty hunter shows certainly bring out the lowest common denominator for the ratings. It makes me wonder what the legality of filming someone else involved in the so called arrest is. To me it seems they are just like the dumb-asses who film assaults and post them up on Youtube. They just have better lights and cameras. Also I wonder what the legalities of pulling crap like this in a private business are? If I were the owner of that Arby's I would be pissed as it might very well effect my owners and patrons. It also might open my place of business up to lawsuits and or having my insurance rate jacked up.
I'm not a layman, law student.
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