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Angel Pump Kits (The APK)

The shop that I work for... Is slow, the CNC's were open this week, so I dropped what I was doing and got a chance to do something BIG!

Introducing the....

Super_Stanchy Customs Angel Pump Kit!

These fit the IR3 LCD Angels.
These will only work with Angels that...
-Do not have a battery in the lower left tube (PMR Virtue Mod)
-Do not have airflow in lower left tube

It is a 5 piece design.
-Guide Arm, 6061 Aluminum, 1/2" Guide
-Volley Bushing, 6061 Aluminum, 1/4" Thru Hole
-Pump Hammer, Nylon
-Pump Arm, Turn, Ground and Polished Stainless Steel, 10-32 Threaded
-Delrin Pump Handle

This is NOT a drop in kit.

To install, you must send your LCD Angel in for some minor body work.
I will have to slot the breech door, and body, as well as drill/tap the body for a small setscrew

Not Available Yet.

Still need to price the 1/4" TGP and Delrin for the Pump Handle

In the morning

Almost ready for release....
Hammers and Bushings are 100% done
Guide Arms will be done in the morning
I made up 3 handles real quick..... but I am not sure if i like the grip pattern!


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