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Originally Posted by diesel_fireman2001 View Post
I was ready....truck had to go into the shop yesterday to get the AC Fixed, Don't really want to drive up to Salem with no AC. Doing the important stuff tonight.... Beer shopping. I know someone is going to hate this, I could use one extra day. I Have way too much machining to do before I can head out from work Thursday.

i got here at 5am to get some SSC stuff done before i had to clock in at 7....
(its 708 and im on shop time now )

i have 3 angel pumps to tech/tune tonight
i have 2 ions to tech/tune tonight
i have a nelsplat to put together
i have 2 more ions to put together tomorrow when they get back from ano

oh and i still need to do all the print/paper stuff for my booth, oh and find food

haha think dan would let us push it back a week?
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