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Business Lesson for Us?

I was forwarded this article from my former colleagues still in the ski snowboard industry.

It really ties together some of the things I have been trying to bring over to the paintball industry.

The Ski and Snowboard industry just got nailed in 2008 and had a hard time recovering because their revenue model was flawed.

Plus ... how to say it so we dont get into a political debate about weather ... there is less predictable snow falls in North America.

Prior to 2008 the ski snowboard industry sold their lift tickets at a loss to sell Real Estate, Condos and Hotel Rooms.

Then mortage scam, resorts ran out of land and companies went bankrupt. IntraWest prior to 2008 was the world`s largest resort company, it went bankrupt, got bought up and chopped up.

This is how some of the large resorts have recovered. While the sports are different, there are some lessons here.

I am also aware some of my local hills in Vancouver. Cypress and Mount Seymour, that dont offer any accommodation, have been pushing hard on passes and lessons. It worked so well that Mount Seymour put in a new high speed quad chair last summer at a cost of $13 million.

First. Get your customers to own your field. PASSES!!!!

Second. Then get revenue from your add ons like Food and Beverage, Lessons and Coaching, rentals (Demo Days for gun owners) and retail.

Third. Atomsphere, directly connected to the above. Who wants to ski or snowboard in a ghost town. Its about meeting new people and showing off your new moves.

Anyways, I know there are some field owners in here...what`s your thoughts...Im I smoking something...or good ideas...

Yes, I know you dont offer accommodation and no, as a consumer, I would not want less competition.

By the way... Kevin Smith is a great guy...just saying....

No Business Like Snow Business: The Economics of Big Ski Resorts - Derek Thompson - The Atlantic
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