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Originally Posted by boo View Post
It seems like the business model for paintball field memberships seems to be to get people to buy markers in the pro shop.

I just can't justify spending the money on one field's membership when their are 5 fields in the area and their are 4 months out of the year that are going to be ****ty. It would be nice to have something like mentioned in this article that would give you access to a group of fields.

Paintball Explosion's membership is the biggest joke out of them all, $300/yr, $10 off an $85 case of 2000. Oh, but it's free if you spend $400 or more in the shop.
Good points. We created a 3 mountain pass in Vancouver for the 3 ski resorts. But it was not a season pass. It was a book of 10.

It was hard to do anything more because how do you split the revenue fairly between all the hills. Especially if one gets all the visits....we spent hours in meetings trying to figure that one out. I think there is a solution, but I could not find it...yet
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