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-boo, they do have passes like that here. check out aggressive sport shop off southwest hwy and harlem, they sell all sorts of free entry passes and whatnot. you can buy a sheet of 10 free entry/rental/air tickets to funtime square (yeah its a crappy field), and other discounts for $40. they also sell (and sometimes give away) passes to pbx and cpx. ask around, local shops have the local hookups.

i do think this is the way to go though, because even as a 'frequent paintballer' who understands fields gotta get paid, it can be hard to shell out $50 just to get in the door. they are going to make money on you when you get in, and they are gonna ream you on concessions.

its starts feeling like you payed a valet to park you car, payed a cover to get in the door, payed a ton for money for some refreshments, and dancing costs money. im just saying, if im gonna be out $100+, there better be some jugs in my face.

like it was said earlier, im not going to be in your proshop, if i have to spend a ton of money on entry. im surprised fields can charge what they do and expect alot of people to come back.
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