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I do tend to agree that I'd rather wait for the T15 if it were me but that's because I have plenty of pistols and such to hold me over until it eventually comes out. if you're looking to get into magfed in a shorter time frame, you can probably find a decent Milsig setup for relatively cheap used since a lot of people buy them, and quickly realize magfed just isn't for them and sell them off.
heres one on x7og for sale,

i agree milsig is a good direction to go. i use a mkv, and other than when ive used garbage paint, ive had no problems with it. still waiting on the dmags for it, 2 years now? i agree on finding the right marker, but everyone seems to imagine the marker they cant get is the one they want. you can play if youre sitting around waiting. if you are talking about waiting to upgrade, thats much different than waiting to get into a style of gameplay

ive heard plenty of people say to avoid rap4, many of them havent even touched one of their markers. i like mine, and as much as i know it could be better, i dont have issues other than running out of mags. alot of people feel they neeeeed the 13/3k tank in the stock, if youre one of them, get something with a spoolie in it. i run a 90/45k on my back with a remote, and love the setup, but i love the kick of the blowback and efficiency never crosses my mind.

or you could always text the waters with a tpx, if magfed isnt your jam, at least you could rock it as a sidearm with your pump as primary. just run 2 mags and co2 in the gun. the tpx is awesome, i dont even understand how its so accurate.

i still think youre absolute best bet is to hook up with someone who will let you test drive their gear. sometimes you dont know how much you love/hate a marker till its in your hands sending fools off the the deadbox with dirty goggles.

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