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Thanks for the info. I am no beginner to big games, as I pretty much only play scenarios now. I have a nice vest that is all MOLLE, with a camelbak pouch on the back side and tons of pockets and pouches for misc. goodies and pods. I even bring granola bars out on the field with me for mid game snacks. I was just curious about the back up gun. I think I will leave it at camp. My Nasty Typhoon has rarely given me trouble, and if it does, I can always switch it over to pump with the turn of a screw on the field. This bypasses the 4 way which is the most common problem with Typhoon. I plan to bring 4-5 guns with me anyways, so I will have options at camp if I need them. Thanks again for the reply. I look forward to serving the Black Cat 899th Tank division this summer!!!!
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