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Peanut tank, PPS STAB, SS/AA Freak, Mag Boomstick, Air system lot

Hey guys, cleaning out the gearbag.

Empire 48/4500 Peanut tank, 5year hydro
-Never used, won it last year at a big game
-birth date 01/11

PPS stabilizer (does not include braided hose, has 90* macro fitting)
- really good shape, 3-5 very small nicks
PRICE - $70.00

Air system Lot
-BL torpedo reg (well used)
-Empire cradle and on/off (well-used, knob needs a set screw)
-WGP drop forward and on/off (starting to pitt around macro hole, and in the crevasses of the knob)
-ASA to V/A adapter steel line
-straight asa
-angled asa
-macro fittings and line
-Quick disconnect steel braided line
PRICE - $25.00

Automag DYE Boomstick 1 piece
PRICE - $30.00

Freak barrel, SS back, All American front
-.693 insert
-Old angel threads
PRICE - $45.00

Keep calm and recock


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