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95' Right Feed Project Finished!


Just finished my project so I figured I'd share.

Body started as a 95' right feed and then was milled down and 2k converted by Addicted2dunes. I can't find the original picture Addicted had but it had a serial number dating to around there..hopefully he can share it. Top tube was round body milled and the bottom was shaved down a bit. Back block was milled to match and the 10* VASA had the sides to milled down to match the body width. Amazing job by Addicted.

Once I got my hands on it, I added all my favorite parts:

- CCM Pump Kit
- CCM Thin 45 frame
- CCM Valve Spring
- Plant Eclipse Valve
- PE Rex Dialer Kit
- PE Bolt
- PE SL3 Reg
- Check it Detent
- Kaner/WGP Tactical kit

Then off to the anno ( for a blue base and black and silver splash.

What do you think?
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