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Got some pics tonight to show you what I mean just in case it's not clear.

First shows the parts next to a body. Autococker vertical adapter and the CCI changer.

Second is showing the setup with a small gap that would be filled with the adapter metal The autococker VA is quite fat. I think I'd likely groove it so it sits up a little more centered. But it would still need SOME offset.

Third is the other option using a mini cocker VA. This would just screw into a plug block that is drilled and tapped for 1/8NPT. This adapter you see is stainless. It's old stock 32*. I believe Palmer's sells these still in stainless. This version would be dead nuts simple to do but it would require a new locking screw or two be drilled and tapped up higher since the bottom mounted one just in front of the trigger would poke into the gas passage. But perhaps some loctite would seal it.

Fourth is some options to cut down and use for the ASA adapter and screw to the plug. This cut down bit would replace the autococker VA and the thinner walled ones would not require any major mods. They would still need to be offset very slightly but it wouldn't be much at all. About 1/16 inch.
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