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I would and it has very little to do with money but I feel at this point that they are essentially charging money for a demo. It's nowhere near a finished product and I have actually bought previous versions but for some reason they feel that if you bought a version before a certain point you're not entitled to upgrades and must pay again to get this latest version with all the updates and that doesn't personally sit well with me. With that said when it's a finished product with the kinks worked out I have 0 problems buying it.
Do you play and enjoy the current version? If so, then pay up and support the devs. If you don't want to pay, then don't play it.

"I want to play it, but it isn't worth what they're asking for" is a pathetic cop out of an excuse, and is insulting to people working in the development industry. I don't walk into your place of business, make use of your services, and then say "while it is really nice, I don't feel like paying... FU I'll keep using it anyway."

Don't like their product? Find someone else and support them. Jerks pirating software is why the rest of us have to put up with annoying DRM or pass on larger games. It makes it many times harder to get funding as investors freak out over piracy, and is in general a headache for anyone working in the industry.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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