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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
ugh. this game is too complicated for me. all this pitch,roll and yaw, and orbiting controls is way too much.
Keep at it. Orbits really aren't that hard to get the hang of once you learn to get into one. Big key is learning how and when to make your rolls and transition into orbit from launch. Fly by your nav ball and the map, not the ship itself.

And Falcon16, I bought it ages ago as well, and have never been asked to pay more money for anything. Last I heard they were even expanding what previous backers (up til April 2013) are getting by throwing in possible future expansion packs that haven't even been announced yet.

My job has been on the line several times in the past due to software piracy rates. We've had multiple clients pull out of their contracts when their finances were yanked by idiots in suits panicing over apparent piracy rates and fearing for their profit margins. So yeah, more than a little personal when people encourage or condone piracy. (I really don't care if someone does it, just as long as they shut up about it, don't publicly condone it, and don't encourage others to do it.)
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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