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weird I dunno then what happened on my end. I'm not normally a piracy kind of guy. Only time I ever bother personally is if I'm just above required spec for a game and want to see if it'll run decently. If it does I've no problems going out and buying it if it doesn't well then I uninstall it and I wouldn't have bought it anyways so no harm no foul there as I see it. I was not trying to say that I blanket condone it as I do truly believe that good devs deserve to get paid for their work but like I said I'm not sure what happened in my case but them basically saying oh your copy is too old to properly update or validate that you actually bought it please pay again was just a slap in the face. So I did it as more of a you for not honoring the original agreement that I purchased on.

At the end of the day thought regardless of how I feel right now your post has given me enough to think about that I decided to go and pony up again regardless of how I feel somewhat slighted as even if overall it's cost me about $35 over the last couple years it's well worth it.

Thank you for remaining calm and rational in your reply as well I do appreciate that. My post was not meant to call you out or condone piracy I was simply stating why I in this instance chose that route and I hope that with me telling you a bit about how much I actually spend on games that you would see that I do truly support the software industry and good devs.

Disclosure: I'm also a shade tree Android dev for a few clients here in town.

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